Wonderful Snow Country Wedding & Commonsense.


What a wonderful way to spend a weekend – an elegant wedding with a stunningly beautiful Bride and handsome Groom against the backdrop of an ever changing Winter mountain view- at Holmesglen at Eildon, Victoria – a fabulous modern Country venue with the loveliest Staff you’ll find anywhere, and accommodation connected. With snow on the mountains and temperatures at about 5 degrees (or less – I’m positive), and showery rainy moments in between sunny breaks that tried to convince you it was Spring, the Couple’s dream of an outdoor wedding beneath the magnificent Gum trees was not going to be …. however, it was perfectly compensated by the fact that a lovely fire was burning in the fireplace, and that all the Guests and the Bridal Party – including yours truly, were snug, warm and dry inside, and still able to feast on the magnificent vista in front of them. 🙂

It can be hard for Couples to have to accept that their plans must change; that dream of sun-drenched photos in Summer standing in that particular spot because it holds romantic memories, was perfect when you dreamt it way back when, but, having had to stand in scorching sun, and near freezing conditions over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s best to err on the side of good old-fashioned common sense (which often seems to disappear when it comes to wedding plans). Would it not be better, safer and kinder to your guests – and yourselves – to make the occasion as pleasant as possible temperature wise?? I have, literally, seen Bridesmaids turning blue with cold, and Brides unable to stop shaking so they can sign the Register, because they’re dressed inappropriately in gorgeous Summer gowns that offer NO cover, when there’s a brilliant fire burning up in the Reception area!! Or, virtually being barbecued alive on a 38 degree day because they want photos in front of the fountain, the Groom nearly fainting in his suit, when a few metres away there’s a lovely cool grove of trees!!

Think about it carefully before you definitely decide on what you’re going to do on the day; be flexible if necessary.. There’s no sensible reason why you can’t have the ceremony inside, or in more weather friendly place, and then go and have your photos taken in your wished for spot while your guests are having drinks and canapes! There’ll still be some leftovers for you!! 🙂

Have a beautiful day 🙂 🙂