Wonderful Multi – Cultural Weddings


Hello, and welcome to my blog :))
Having recently been involved in a Muslim wedding (doing the Legals Only) I wanted to say how wonderful I think Australia’s Multi Culturalism is. Thanks to all these fabulous ‘new’ customs from other countries we are now inundated with colour, imagery, music and rituals from societies so different from our inherited English background – which, while well loved and beautiful in its own traditions, can be a little staid and dreary in practice. I’ve done weddings for Couples of varied backgrounds: French Mauritian, Polish, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Indian, Singaporean, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Filipino, as well as English and Australian, and I really love combining rituals, sayings, snippets from People’s homeland Marriage ceremonies with Civil ceremonies, here. It’s fun, enlightening and educational. Sometimes, the hospitality is overwhelming. And I love it when the “Older” generations are surprised at how we do things here – and what they think of it all (comments have often been that they feel Aussie Civil Ceremonies are so much more fun!). It’s also a privilege to be an involved observer of someone else’s religious beliefs for a short while; watching how my Couples are absorbed back into their own culture, Family traditions and expectations.
Basically, we’re all the same when it comes to weddings, no matter where we were born. Two people in love, Families wanting the best for their children, Bride and Groom trying to make everyone happy, people having to adapt themselves to new ideas, and, hopefully, a joyous outcome! And in the middle of it all is the Celebrant trying to meet all expectations and not tread on anyone’s toes!! :)) Haha, I do love my job :))
Thanks for joining me. Stay safe and Happy.