I’m offering WINTER DISCOUNTS on bookings over the Winter period. Up to $100.00 off if you book a wedding to be held in July or August 2019. It’s a great deal, plus you’ll probably find most venues offer a generous discount, too!! Win, win!! Let’s get together and chat about the possibilities :))) What a great way to brighten up the cold months, and put a smile on everyone’s face…. I was recently engaged by a delightful Couple who scored 20% off their wedding next year by booking with a venue out of season – can’t knock that. Think open fires, Hot Mulled Wine, possible snow! Call me!! 0415 4941 52

AND, let’s remember the fabulous deal being offered between myself and Saladin Lodge at Narbethong for the Winter months: guaranteed discount Reception + $100.00 off my Celebrant Fee… I’d take myself up on it, except I can’t marry myself!! Hahahahahahaha :)) Saladin Lodge 0429 699 969 Kim Rycroft
Sharon Kershaw 0415 4941 52
Would LOVE to hear from you 🙂

Thanks for looking in. Stay warm. Cheers…

Sharon :))