I know most Couples plan for weekend weddings simply because it’s more convenient for their Families and Friends to attend – plus it gives you the chance of a Long-weekend off! 🙂 However, you might find that a wedding during the week can have some unexpected benefits: Number one, some Venues charge less outside the usual days – especially during peak wedding periods – which is definitely something to think about! Always!! But not just the Venues – your Celebrant may reduce Mid-week prices as well, and I am one of those who do this. I am willing to deduct $100.00 off a wedding from Monday to Thursday, still giving you all the top quality content, presentation, and stuff that is usually included in my fee. This benefits us both: You get a wedding, I get a booking! Sounds good to me 🙂 Having officiated at Mid-week ceremonies, it’s actually quite fun – almost like sneaking off from school, or taking a ‘sickie’ from work – there’s a feeling of mischief about it! All this pleasure when you’re normally hard at work… Ah, perhaps I’m just too imaginative…..

I also offer a large discount on the Legals Only weddings – any time -ask me!

Enjoy your week: be kind to yourself…

Sharon 🙂