I have lately been doing a lot of “Legals Only” weddings. What exactly does this mean? Well, just what it says :)) The 2 required Legal parts of the wedding ceremony – the Vows & the Monitum – are put into a very neat little package – no readings, stories, huge entourage: simply the 2 of you, your 2 witnesses, and your Celebrant, wherever you’d like to be (at home, in your garden, in a quiet restaurant, a park, in my office, a hotel) – anywhere that suits you and your budget.

I’m a bit of a romantic, so if you’d like your ‘special song’ to be played, add your own words to the vows, have your best friends or a few specific Family members with you, then that’s fine by me – and don’t forget the champagne!!! I LOVE champagne!! :)) And if you only want the bare bones and no fuss whatsoever – then that’s fine, too.

The beauty of this type of ceremony is, of course, that it’s not going to cost you $20,000.00 and a whole lot of stress. You can spend the money on your honeymoon, or a house instead. Win, win!

ELOPEMENTS: This is the perfect way to get around difficult (often unpleasant) face-offs with Family who, Gods love them, can be hard work at times like this! It is the perfect escape!! And what a surprise when you you return from your cruise, or announce on Social Media that you’ve tied the knot…. Very empowering…

If you are interested in a Legals Only wedding or an Elopement please give me a call and we can discuss your options. The same Calendar month waiting period applies as in a regular wedding. Happy planning :))