So, you’ve opted for a little wedding; in fact, a tiny, or Legals Only Wedding!

A ‘Legals Only Wedding’ means exactly that: the two legally required statements needed to complete a Marriage Ceremony. These are the Monitum (spoken by the Celebrant) and the Vows (spoken by the Couple).

If you choose a legals only wedding, it will involve You, 2 witnesses, and the Celebrant.

Legals Only Wedding
Legals Only Wedding Melbourne

All up, the ceremony goes for 2-10 minutes, which means it is quick, easy, and no fuss.   Of course, you still must comply with the Pre-wedding requirements – giving one calendar months’ notice and signing the Notice of Intended Marriage. 

There are varied reasons why a couple may choose this type of ceremony, convenience and economy being two valid motives.  In the great scheme of things it’s very simple and costs relatively little; there is no need for expensive dresses and suits, venues or catering.  After all, 10 minutes is hardly worth it, right?  Or is it?

Well, that’s what I used to think, too, until I stopped to consider what is actually going on in those 10 micro minutes.  Having performed  ‘Legals Onlies’ in people’s kitchens and backyards, as well as beautiful outdoor spaces, I came to the realisation (light bulb moment!) that whatever your reason for wanting a Legals Only ceremony it is still Your Wedding!!  You’re getting Married, and it’s a hugely significant moment in your lives.

So, taking myself off my pompous high-horse, I began to approach these little ceremonies with the heart, respect and sacredness they – and the Couple – deserve.  Why not dress it up, have some fun, and celebrate tying the knot?

Legals Only Wedding Victoria

Take Michelle and Perry, for example.  After having to cancel their original plans due to COVID, they married on October 31st, 2020, in a local park under lockdown restrictions (plus a photographer and their 2 little dogs – so cute.

Legals Only Ceremony

It couldn’t have been more romantic or glamorous.  An evening wedding by candlelight; Michelle dressed to kill in a stunning gown by “Bella E La Bestia” near Highpoint that rivalled Scarlet O’Hara in “Gone with the Wind”, and Perry  looking so handsome and dapper in shirt, trousers and waistcoat, with Flat Cap.

Their joy, excitement, and love out-shone the candles.  We’d added music throughout, and they even danced together after the ceremony.  It was so beautiful….

Angela and Yatin celebrated their moment in the lovely gardens at Silvan Dam in the Yarra Ranges.  Angela was radiant in her beautiful white lace gown; Yatin handsome in his suit.  We allowed for a Bridal entrance with music and they followed up with a Wedding Luncheon Picnic under the pergola. The delightfully happy Couple overlooked the wonderful vista of the Ranges.  Perfect…

Legals Only Weddings

And how about Mike and Vicki, who sealed their Marriage at a stunning old venue in Little Bakers Lane, Northcote (an original bakery turned Architectural Office and Studio).  They had live video streaming to America and around Australia, and dressed their ceremony space with multiple potted plants, flowers and champagn. Their small gathering of guests were all formerly attired for the occasion; celebrating with a dance afterwards.  Little, but Lovely ……

Legals Only Wedding Ceremony

Some Celebrants – myself included, here – will go the extra mile and allow you a slightly more extended ceremony (I’m quite open to having Couples add their own music, or their own vows in addition to the legally required). Do keep in mind, however, that “Legals Only” ceremonies are short and small, and not designed for the 80 guests plus reception you have in mind. That is another scenario all together!!

If this sounds like your kind of wedding, get in touch with me to find out more.

Thanks for reading… take care..


Sharon  🙂

Legals Only Wedding