Hello Everyone :),

Well, here we are again! It’s been a while, I must admit, but life can become very involved and busy, and sometimes complicated – as we are all experiencing at the moment. It’s an intense time in Oz, and, unfortunately, thanks to the constant Media frenzy there is a ferocious amount of negativity and fear bombarding us at every flick of a switch or push of a button, creating a paranoia I never thought I’d see here. More of a ‘Panic-noia’. 🙁

As a Celebrant, I’m dreadfully sorry for those Couples who’ve had to postpone their day because of flight restrictions, and, now, restricted people limits, and I’m fully empathetic of their disappointment and loss – to say nothing of the Venue’s loss – and Mine!… all that planning, all those dreams ready to bloom snuffed out in a minute… it’s devastating. But Life does throw us these formidable punches at times, and all we can do is roll with them, then get up and keep going….

I refuse to be morbid and depressed. I truly believe the Universe is looking after us and is a kind and loving force for good… so let’s not forget that there is much beauty and Light in our world, and try to concentrate on turning these current events into something positive and creative. This situation is only a temporary glitch in the great scheme of things. We need to look at the lesson in the turmoil.

And focussing on our Families, our Community, our environment; our future plans (perhaps rewriting them); random acts of kindness; and pulling together is a great lesson, indeed.

And remember – toilet paper IS returning to our supermarket shelves!!! Yay!! 🙂

Thanks for reading. Take care.

Sharon 🙂